Spearfish Slammer Pickleball Tournament

Thanks to all participants and volunteers for making the tournament a success! Here are the medalists:

Round Robin D1

  1. Steve Cable
  2. (tie) Craig Hutton & Tyler Spilde

Round Robin D2

  1. Paul Dixon
  2. Arlie Johnson
  3. Gary Miller

Round Robin D3

  1. Karly Macon
  2. Bev McHugh
  3. Jim Cooney

Round Robin D4

  1. Jane Jakubec
  2. Tony Taravella
  3. John Schmidt

Round Robin D5

  1. Joel Schmidt
  2. (tie) Darlene Black & Marilyn Stimac

Men’s Singles

  1. Tyler Spilde
  2. Jay Merrigan
  3. Justin Griffith

Women’s Singles

  1. Natalie Hardesty
  2. Darla Miller
  3. Anne Marie Myers

Mixed Doubles D1

  1. Darla Miller / Lucas Clegg
  2. Steve Cable / Anne Marie Myers
  3. Paul Dixon / Renee Wollenman

Mixed Doubles D2

  1. Gary Miller / Cindy Pfingston
  2. Stuart Dahlin / Sarah Kelly
  3. Cindy Ullman / Troy Robbins

Mixed Doubles D3

  1. Bev McHugh / Brian McHugh
  2. Dan O’Neill / Karrie O’Neill
  3. Jim Cooney / Sarah Reichert

Mixed Doubles D4

  1. Dave Carr / Judy Wangen
  2. Larry Stimac / Marilyn Stimac
  3. Tony Taravella / Karin Taravella

Women’s Doubles D1

  • Darla Miller / Anne Marie Myers
  • Natalie Hardesty / Sarah Kelly
  • Char Hutton / Renee Wollenman

Women’s Doubles D2

  1. Jane Berry / Phyllis Hart
  2. Judy Wangen / Judy Monner
  3. Christina Ingalls / Kim Eymer

Women’s Double D3

  1. Leah Clegg / Darlene Black
  2. Janie Humbracht / Janice Vaplon
  3. Doreen Cooper / Terree Matson

Men’s Doubles D1

  1. Craig Hutton / Paul Dixon
  2. Tyler Spilde / Troy Robbins
  3. (tie) Steve Cable / Mike Thelen & Rich Loose / Justin Griffith

Men’s Doubles D2

  1. Jim Cooney / Mike Streff
  2. Jay Merrigan / Tim Ingalls
  3. Mark Brockley / Phil Koehler

Sept. 14-15, 2019
Cost: Early bird registration is $30 for the first event and $10 for each additional event. After August 18, those amounts become $40 and $15.

Tournament Info

The tournament will be held at the Spearfish High School tennis courts at 1725 N Main St. Once at the high school, drive around to the north side of the high school on Hillsview Road. The tennis courts are visible from the road with parking right behind them.

A block of rooms is reserved at the Holiday Inn in Spearfish at


A huge thank you to all of our sponsors for the tournament. Without them we couldn’t put on this tournament that brings so many pickleballers together! Please do support them the way they support us!

Pickleball Central
Pickleball Works
City Brew
Visit Spearfish
Holiday Inn
Lucky’s 13
TUF Storm Restoration
Sam’s Club
The Ice Man

Spearfish Frozen Pickle Tournament

Thank you to all of our participants! We had an awesome time and look forward to seeing you in our outdoor tournament coming in September.

Division 1 Winners:
1. Alvin Train
2. Steve Cable
3. Justin Griffith

Division 2 Winners:
1. Lucas Clegg
2. Bill Coburn
3. Cindy Pfingston

Division 3 Winners:
1. Mason Krier
2. Dean Lundquist
3. Christina Ingalls

March 30, 2019
Cost: $20
Location: Spearfish High School
Register: SignUpGenius

Round robin with 16 players per division.  No partner needed. Play with and against each player in your division (15 games).  Divisions are based on skill level.  Limited to the first 64 entries (4 divisions). It’s first come, first serve, and if a division is not filled we’ll take the first 16, 32, or 48. Entries will be refunded if you don’t get placed in a division. Sign up early!  (Note: if 15 games is too many for you and you’d still like to play, we’ll try to pair you with someone of equal ability and have you split games. We cannot make promises that we’ll find you a partner, but if you’re interested please email.)