Club Announcement

Fellow Picklers-

On behalf of the Spearfish Pickleball Club Board, I wanted to share some news and developments about the local pickleball scene.

First, the Spearfish Pickleball Club (SPC) has been established to help promote the sport, advocate for new and improved facilities, and organize and communicate pickleball playing opportunities.  Organizing brings additional legitimacy to pickleball and provides a consistent voice to our municipal partners (the city has already thanked us on this point). It also allows us to better gauge the number of players in the community and their collective needs.  

Membership Benefits:

  • Invitations to structured and other special playing events
  • Invitations to club social events
  • Invitations to training sessions
  • Updates on new/improved facility status
  • Discounts on local tournaments
  • Discounts on gear


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Second, in addition to the formation of the club, several other items have been percolating. Here’s a summary:

  • Spearfish Pickleball Tournament:  That’s RIGHT – the SPC will be hosting it’s first annual tournament this September 22-23 at the High School Tennis Courts.  All skill levels are welcome and pairings will be made according to skill level.  The first day of the tournament will be a round robin format (similar to our Saturday’s structured play and the second day will include Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, and Singles.  A flyer and sign up information will be provided soon but MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  (and if you see any Tennis Association members, tell them thank you for letting us use their courts for our tournament..)
  • Outdoor Courts:  The SPC has been meeting regularly with the Spearfish Park and Recreation to ensure the pickleball needs are understood and prioritized.  Last week, the SPC attended the Parks, Recreation, and Forest Advisory Council meeting and provided an overview of the pickleball club, our mission, the tournament, the # of players we have, and the need for improved facilities.  At the end of the meeting the advisory board was asked to force rank among 6-8 potential 2019 capital projects.  It’s our understanding pickleball rated very highly so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  As it stands, if pickleball were to be a funded capital project for 2019, it would be for $100K.  That cost is projected to cover 2 courts, but we may be able to stretch that to 4 courts and/or help subsidize.  Also note that two regular pickleballers, Nancy Hall and Bill Coburn, sit on the board.
  • Fundraising: The SPC has already secured $500 in donations for the September tournament and we will be seeking additional donors in the coming weeks.  We are also applying for a handful of grants.  The main use of the tournament proceeds and grant $ is to supplement the city’s funding for the proposed outdoor courts.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Lastly, I want to take a moment to give special thanks to Greg Albrechtsen for being a driving force behind Spearfish pickleball.  The journey started roughly 5 years ago with a couple people dinking back and forth and fast forward to today and we have a thriving pickleball scene.  Countless hours went into getting us to where we are and for that, I want to say thank you!

Hope to see you all on the court soon!




“dink responsibly”

Board of Directors
President – Justin Griffith
Vice President – Greg Krier
Secretary – Jim Walker
Treasurer – Christina Ingalls
Fundraising Director – Bill Coburn
Communications Director – Rich Loose
Event Planning Director – Abby Krum

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